Who must have a TWIC and/or TWIC Escort?

All marine terminal staff, tenants and their employees, Surveyors, Agents, Stevedores, Longshoremen, Chaplains,Contract laborers, Truck drivers, Dockworkers, Delivery persons, Vendors, Contractors, and Temporary workers

* Must have a port issued photo ID badge, valid TWIC and port credentials, must be presented to, begin entry Process.

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TWIC Requirements

Who is NOT required to have a TWIC and/or Escrot?

Federal officials. However, a federal official must Present his/her agency issued official credentials.
State or local law enforcement officials in the normal performance of their duties. Such officials must present his/her agency issued credentials.
Emergency responders at the State or local level. Such officials may be required to present his/her agency Issued credentials.

Operators of local or over-the-road cargo vehicles, who Present a valid TWIC, a valid CDL, and proper cargo Documentation, but must remain with their vehicles at all times while on port property

All persons requiring unescorted access to Restricted access areas of marine terminal/seaport facilities Must possess a port badge and TWIC card. Persons who do not possess a TWIC may Only enter with a TWIC Escort as a side-by-side Companion.

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